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Made for the 1-Room RPG Jam

CONTROLS - Click your MOUSE to move

GAMEPLAY - Collect the fusion particles that spawn. If they reach the reactor core they go to your inventory. When your inventory has 9 items, on the 10th item you lose. You can rid yourself of fusion particles by delivering them to the reactor side with the matching color. However, you must deliver them in order (top left first). When all four sides of the reactor are at capacity you win (nothing happens right now).

TIMER - The timer in the top-left is irrelevant to the game.

Notes about my shortcomings; This is my first release. I'm not an artist, I'm a programmer. I have a drawing pad and I enjoy designing graphics but it's not why I've started making games. I know many programming languages and have recently tried switching to using lua scripting with Corona SDK. I still prefer C++ and state based OOP but this has been a fun experience.


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